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3. 101 W. 7th St (1885) Grape Creek Winery

An early limestone structure with carved cornices stand beneath the modern stuccoed façade. Early uses of the building included a local lodge meeting hall on the second floor, and a hardware/grocery store and, later, the county’s oldest newspaper, the Williamson County Sun, on the first floor.

Additional Information:

While the earliest record of the building is 1885, it may have been built even earlier. Some of the original windows were obscured over time and it is covered by a brick veneer. After the turn of the last century it was referred to as the "old Odd Fellow's Building", as the lodge met on the second floor.

Fun Facts:

1. A grocery store occupied the building for much of its early life.

2. The Williamson County Sun officed here starting in December of 1909.

3. By 1983, this building was home to the City Tax Office.


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Grape Creek Vineyards

Photo by David Valdez, 2023

Photo taken in 1984

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