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33. Leavell General Store (1885)

Plaster scored to resemble finely dressed limestone ashlar was a means of achieving a refined look without the labor-intensive process of hand-tooling stone. Handsome keystone segmental arches over the windows and a simple metal cornice remain from the original façade. The first floor was remodeled along with the interior of the building in the early 1970’s.


Additional information:

This three-story building included a gallery floor between the first and third floors when it was built, sometime around 1885. This gallery likely contained furniture. It originally housed a dry goods store, clothing, groceries, hardware and harnesses.


In 1889, John H. Leavell opened his successful dry goods business in the building and stayed here until until the early 1900s.

Fun Facts:

1. John Leavell, a Civil War veteran, led the first hook and ladder company of the Georgetown Fire Department.

2. George Gillett opened a hardware store in the building in 1910.

3. I. J. McCook, a local CPA, occupied the building in the 1980s.



Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 11.50.51 AM.png

Photo taken by David Valdez, 2023

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Photo taken in 1984

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