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39. Allen & Landrum Building (1907-1908)

This prominent limestone commercial building was constructed to house retail establishments, such as grocery and harness businesses. A pressed metal cornice with details identical to those found on 117 W. 7th Street crowns the front façade and provides the unified front for what was originally two separate structures divided by a central staircase. The building was completely restored in 1983 with the upstairs being converted into living quarters.

Additional Information:

Handcrafts, Unlimited has a wonderful history of the building with photos on their website -

Fun Facts:

1. The 1-story frame building that stood here between 1885 and 1905 had grocery stores and a harness shop.

2. The current building was built of old stone from an unfinished chapel that was demolished on the campus of Southwestern University.


Handcrafts Unlimited

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Photo by David Valdez, 2023

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