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46. P.H. Dimmitt & Co. Building (1901)

This imposing limestone structure is an excellent example of the Romanesque Revival style. Highly skilled masons incorporated dramatic arched openings accentuated with finely detailed, hand-carved ornamentation. Close inspection reveals hand tool marks on the stone. Originally conceived as a hotel, the completed structure was never used as such. Instead, it housed a succession of retail and commercial activities, including dry goods, millinery, oats storage, professional offices, a motion picture house in the 1920s and even a Buick dealership. By 1925, the corner space housed a drug store and soda fountain that is remembered as being a favorite gathering space. Spikes found on the arched Main Street window sill were installed to discourage loitering youth.

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PH Dimmitt.jpeg

Photo by David Valdez, 2023

ph dimmitt 1984_edited.jpg

Photo taken in 1984

ph dimmitt 1976_edited.jpg

Photo taken in 1976


Hellman Stribling Century 21

Stump & Stump Law Firm

803 S. Main St

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