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30. 823 W. Austin Ave (1925)

Believed to have been the first Gulf station in Georgetown, this early service station represents the dawn of the motorized vehicle. Indeed, automobile registrations skyrocketed from a mere 96 vehicles Countywide in 1909 to an impressive 6,299 in 1933. The structure’s stucco façade and metal tile roof were typical of gas stations built across the nation during the 1920’s.

Additional Information:

The wood-frame buildings that sat on this site housed stores featuring millinery, carriages, wagons, stoves, lumber and a tin shop. There was even a grain and cotton warehouse on site at one time. By the 1920s, transportation had changed and it was in 1925 that the building was remodeled into a gas station with an angled street orientation.

Fun Facts:

1. Wood frame buildings on this site from 1885 until 1925 faced 9th Street, or Locust as it was once called.

2. In February of 1926, Thompson and Hausenfluke opened their new Drive-in station, according to the Williamson County Sun.

3. Grandma’s Drive In was located here in the 1970s and 80s. The store was open from 6 – 11 daily, featuring live bait along with their discount gasoline and oil!

Date: 2023

Image Credit: David Valdez, 2023

Date: 1984

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