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61. Glasscock Block (1907)

Shortly after the turn of the 20th century, this block of one-story commercial spaces was completed. The limestone structure featured a plastered front with handsome segmented arched openings. A fire later destroyed four of the original seven spaces.

Additional Information:

This property was owned by George W. Glasscock, Jr. – the son of the man who donated the land and his name for the city of Georgetown.

Before the building you see today, there were wood-framed buildings offering everything from a carpenter’s shop to a wagon shed and a marble shop. The marble shop hd stone for cutting with the marble yard to the west of the building, stretching almost to Church Street.

S.T. Atkin built a wood-frame structure for wagon storage in 1889 and in 1900 there was a tin building occupied by a blacksmith.

When the brick buildings were built, they housed a grocery store, pool hall, grain and flour warehouse and the Dixie Moving Picture Show.

By 1925, there were four store spaces that included an undertaker, chapel, Express company and an auto and carriage painting shop.

Fun Facts:

1. In the 1980s, this space contained Garrett Antiques and The Book Nook, along with a lawyer’s office.

Date: 1984

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