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38. Burkhart's News Stand (1900)

For years, this modest brick commercial building housed a local newsstand. It was renovated in 1978 to suit the current retail establishment, however the early store fixtures are still intact inside.

Additional Information:

As early as 1889, there was a smaller 2-story stone building here with a metal cornice that housed G. W. McKinley’s University Barber Shop. By 1894 the building housed a confectionery and sold cigars.

The present 1-story building with an iron/frame façade appears on maps in 1905. It continued to be a confectionery selling news until a tailor joined the newsstand in 1916.

Fun Facts:

1. Heine Burkhart, who ran the newsstand was quite a colorful character!

2. When the newsstand was closed, there were a large number of funeral notices for many Georgetown citizens found under the glass tops on the tables in the building.

3. Brenda’s Clothing Shop was a Georgetown staple for many years.

Bella Casa.jpeg

Photo by David Valdez, 2023

Photo taken in 1984


La Bella Casa

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