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23. Steele Store & Makemson Hotel

Commercial activities were taking place on this prominent corner as early as 1848, when a log cabin on the site served as the town’s first hotel, stage stop, and second post office. Construction on the limestone buildings in this complex began in the mid-1800’s and continued into the early 20th century. Previous uses included a dry goods store, a bank, and a hotel/boarding house. The extensive rehabilitation work begun in 1981 is credited with inspiring the revitalization of downtown Georgetown. In 1997, the building underwent yet another extensive renovation to provide professional and retail space.

Additional Information:

Fun Facts:

1. The Ice Cream Bucket was a favorite of Georgetown’s residents!

The rest of the building is vacant at this time.

Makemson 1976_edited.jpg
makemson before restoration_edited.jpg


Artisan’s Connect Gallery 800 S. Austin

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