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New Board Members Announced

Preservation Georgetown announces Teresa Deltete and Katherine Hooker have joined our Board of Directors and after a year’s absence, Megan Firestone has rejoined.

Teresa Deltete has a terrific background in preservation efforts. She recently moved to Georgetown from Baltimore. Her personal interest in serving the Preservation Georgetown community is rooted in living over 30 years and owning 4 historic homes in Maryland when renovation and restoration became the center of her focus. She worked closely with the Baltimore City Historic Society, Baltimore City Permits, building inspectors, restoration contractors, and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to abide by historic preservation regulations and environmental standards (due to proximity to Inner Harbor), understanding basic building codes, historic foundations, building materials and permissible replacement product all to keep the home's historic integrity. She brings real world experience from fund-raising to grant/incentives. Teresa is a mediator and cheerleader. Her passion to serve is about creating opportunities for homeowners and educating the community.

Katherine Hooker has worked at Southwestern University and thus lived in Georgetown since 2005. Her grandparents were some of the first to live in Sun City, so she has fond memories of Georgetown since the 90s. Since she formed a family here Katherine has come to increasingly appreciate Georgetown's heritage and historic charm. The need to protect that and share it to a wider audience is a very worthwhile cause she wants to contribute to. Katherine’s work as a librarian requires great skills in knowledge bases, information technology, and related tools that will be of great value to Preservation Georgetown.

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