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15. 714 S. Austin Ave (1889)

Constructed to house general merchandise, this building is a particularly fine example of limestone masonry. The rusticated ashlar façade is ornamented with cast iron columns attributed to “F. Heireman, Austin, Texas.” Note the segmented arched headers with keystones over the windows and an elegantly detailed pressed metal cornice. The mortar (nut missing pedestal) atop the front façade recalls Hodges brothers drugs, which operated in this building for several decades.

Additional Information:
J. H Hodges owned a one-story frame building on this site before contracting with Whittle & Harrell to construct the current building in 1889. The building housed dry goods and general merchandise until the drug store opened in 1925.

Fun Facts:
1. The Racket Store was a popular five-and-dime that operated here in the 1910s.
2. Hodges Drug Store advertised heavily for wrist watches through the 1930s and 40s.
3. Accents was another popular store that operated here in the past decade.

Date: 2023

Image Credit: David Valdez, 2023

Date: 1984

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