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16. Farmers State Bank Building (1910)

Historic photographs indicate an original storefront of limestone with arched windows and a carved stone cornice. The front exterior was covered with a simple brick façade in the 1920s. This early brickwork was discovered intact beneath the stucco veneer applied in the mid-20th century.

Additional Information:

Purchased by Farmers State Bank in 1909, there was a 1-story wooden building housing a saloon and billiard hall from 1975-1888. A 2-story stone building constructed in 1889 was home to a variety of businesses including a dentist, attorney, barbershop and grocery. In 1910, the current building was completed.

Fun Facts:

1. Banking operations continued until 1962, when Citizens State Bank purchased the bank and moved the operations.

2. Williamson County purchased the building in 1967 and it housed a variety of offices, including the County School Superintendent.

3. In 1994, Williamson County designated the building for the use of the Williamson County Historical Commission., for office and meeting space and a museum. Renovations began in 1999 and the Museum opened in December 2003.

Photo by David Valdez, 2023

Photo taken in 1984.

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