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19. Robinson Building (1886)

Handsome arched openings and a carved stone cornice distinguish this limestone building. Early uses of this building and the one to the east include buggy and carriage house, livery and feed store. The building was converted for professional use in 1980.

Additional Information:
This property was purchased by E. P. M. Robinson in 1885 and the current building was constructed by Whittle and Harrel, well known builders in Georgetown. One of the oldest buildings downtown, Mr. Robinson merchandised hardware and groceries. The building was purchased by Walter Box in 1913, along with the livery next door. An enterprising gentleman, Box had many different establishments in his buildings, including the Buick Garage and a bowling alley. Box eventually owned four buildings in this block.

​Fun Facts:
1. W. Y. Penn, merchant and Georgetown Mayor in the 1890s, owned the building at one time, as he married Robinson's widow, Lizzie.
2. Box offered for sale “victrolas and caskets”. Customers were able to test the victrolas and music offerings in a special sound room at the back of the store.
3. Box sold both buildings to the Georgetown Grain Company in 1921, which operated here until 1950. During World War II, the ladies in town were often found here. At that time grain was being transported in calico bags with patterns and they were purchasing this fabric to make their clothes!
4. There have been numerous owners since the 1950s and the businesses changed, resulting in the division of the building into the three office suites which are here today.
5. Law offices have been located in the building since the 1980s.

Date: 1984

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