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20. 215 W. 8th St (1930)

Constructed well after the high Victorian era, this simple stuccoed building is a typical expression of the early 20th century.

​Additional Information:
This building was late to the show so it doesn't have the heritage of its neighbors but it is architecturally consistent with the period and the street.

The original owner operated a feed supply store for 10 years before selling the building to Walter Box (owner of 211 and 213) as he expanded his retail activities on 8th Street.

Walter Box sold the property in the 1960s. There have been numerous owners and businesses in the building since then.

​Fun Facts:
1. Known as the Lackey Building in 1983, it had been the home of J. N. Lackey’s Fina station and Goodyear store.
2. The building once housed Georgetown's first escape room business.

2023 Photo of building.

Date: 1984

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