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24. Palace Theatre (1925)

Originally built of exposed buff-colored brick in 1925, the Palace was remodeled in 1936 to its present Art Deco appearance and is the only building of that period found in Georgetown. The stuccoed façade features both flat and three-dimensional motifs, typical of the Deco era. The building was rehabilitated as a community performing arts center in the 1990s.

Additional Information:
By the time the Sanborn Insurance maps were first done in 1885, this was the site of the "City Hotel". It was a 2-story stone building with a double wood frame gallery, managed by Mrs. Emma Makemson. In 1905, the site was vacant but an iron-clad auto sales room sat here in 1916.

​The current theater was under construction in 1924 and the Palace Theater opened on February 26, 1926, offering both films and live performances. A. C. Moore had the building constructed and was the proprietor for over a decade, while the plumbing and tinwork was done by Oscar Fahrenthold.

Fun Facts:
1. The City Hotel advertised meals at all hours in 1902. Emma Makemson witnessed the capture of Sam Bass as a child.
2. The opening film was "Behind the Front", a comedy about the sunny side of war, according to the newspaper.
3. Around 1936, Mr. and Mrs. O.A. Engelbrecht, who owned and operated the theatre for 43 years, had the building stuccoed and introduced the building's current Art Deco style.

Date: 1984

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