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25. 812 S. Austin Ave (1920)

Simple brick string courses accentuate the façade of this early 20th century storefront, which first housed a retail clothing company.

​Additional Information:
This block of buildings was originally a portion of the City Hotel, at least from 1885 to 1900, which was located where The Palace is today. It was a 2-story stone building.

​Fun Facts:
1. Built after 1916 but before 1925, the building was known as "Hodges New Building" in a newspaper article in 1924.
2. At one time there was a business along this stretch here called the "Dew Drop Inn".
3. Henderson's Appliances was a popular store in Georgetown for many years, located here in the early 80s.

Date: 2023

Image Credit: David Valdez, 2023

Date: 1984

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