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36. T.W. Marrs Building (1889)

Corrugated metal infill topped with a decorative cornice allowed building owners a more economical option for metal storefronts than the decorative Mesker Brothers components which achieved great popularity nationwide in the late 19th century. This intact storefront was refurbished in 1982.

​Additional Information:
There have been many refurbishments to this site, beginning with a 1-story wood frame building that was here in 1885 which was replaced by the current building in 1889. The "new" building housed a grocery store for many years.

Fun Facts:
1. Called the Keys building because it was owned by Juanita Keys in the 1980s, the building housed a Merle Norman beauty store.
2. The property was owned by the Estate of Francis Ashbury Mood in 1910. Mood was a revered minister who came to Georgetown in 1873 and served as the first President of Southwestern University.
3. T. W. Marrs, who the building is named for, had an impressive dry goods business here after he sold his first building (the Lesesne-Stone building) in 1883.

Date: 2023

Image Credit: David Valdez, 2023

Date: 1984

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