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45. Atkins Building (1925)

When completed, this structure was originally an ice cream parlor which manufactured ice cream on the premises. The building was rehabilitated into professional space in 1983 and later, in 1997, was renovated for its current retail use.

​Additional Information:

Most of the early days in the one-story frame building on this site saw a tailor, milliner and barber from 1885 until 1916. It was a vacant site in 1925.

After Kevin Clear bought the building it had a newspaper and advertising business and plans were being made for a residential space in 1984.

​Fun Facts:
1. When the building opened, it was owned by Mr. Ray. He had a confectionery and cafe and sold the only homemade ice cream in town, so young people loved to go there. His wife had a beauty shop upstairs but the stairs were narrow and that made it hard to get up there.
2. Later, the building was bought by Thatcher Atkin. Thatcher taught at SU, UT and Ole Miss before coming home to run the furniture store located in the bottom floor of the Masonic Building until the 1970s. He also served on city council for 5 years and was Mayor for 6 years.

Date: 1983

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