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46. P.H. Dimmitt & Co. Building (1901)

This imposing limestone structure is an excellent example of the Romanesque Revival style. Highly skilled masons incorporated dramatic arched openings accentuated with finely detailed, hand-carved ornamentation. Close inspection reveals hand tool marks on the stone. Originally conceived as a hotel, the completed structure was never used as such. Instead, it housed a succession of retail and commercial activities, including dry goods, millinery, oats storage, professional offices, a motion picture house in the 1920s and even a Buick dealership. By 1925, the corner space housed a drug store and soda fountain that is remembered as being a favorite gathering space. Spikes found on the arched Main Street window sill were installed to discourage loitering youth.

​Additional Information

A one-story wood building on the site in 1885 housed a grocery with a meat market and bakery. Vacant by 1894, there was a one-story wood frame building with a printing company in 1900.

The current building was the location of DR. C.C. Black as well as the Good Luck Store, run by Tommye and W. F. Magee for many years.

​Fun Facts:
1. The building was once used for oats storage in its early years.
2. Judge Stump has owned his office space in the building for more than 40 years.
3. The Main Street Office and Longhorn Title were also located in the building.

Date: 2023

Image Credit: David Valdez, 2023

Date: 1976

Date: 1984

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