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57. Shafer Saddlery Building (1870)

Set apart from other downtown structures by its small scale, rubble stone construction, and lack of ornamentation, the Shaffer Building is one of the earliest structures in downtown Georgetown. Having originally served as a saddlery with living quarters upstairs, the building housed a print shop at the turn of the 20th century. In recent years, it has been occupied by professional and county offices.

Additional Information:

John Shafer, who had been in business in town since the 1850s, moved his saddle shop to this
“new rock building” in 1871. He lived upstairs about the business. By 1885, the Williamson
County Sun, owned by J.E. Cooper, had moved here. It continues as a print shop until The Sun
moved in 1934.

Fun Facts:
1. The lot was purchased by John Shafer in 1869 for $100 in gold.
2. The log cabin that was used as the first courthouse sat on the lot north of this one.
3. The Williamson County Tax Appraisal Office was housed in the building in 1982.
Hydrate on the Square has a wonderful wall of murals highlighting the history of the building –
be sure to visit!

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