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58. C.A.D. Clamp Building (1889)

Departing from the local tradition of limestone, these buildings feature imported brick facades accentuated by cast iron columns attributed to F. Heireman, an Austin metalworker. Originally, each featured identical metal cornices. A stepped back parapet later replaced the cornice on 709 Main Street. Both buildings are owned by the Williamson County Sun, which has published on this location since 1934. The facades were restored in 1982.

Additional Information:
The one-story wood frame building on this site in 1885 housed a furniture and undertaking
business, likely owned by C. A. D. Clamp. He built the current building in 1889. By the 1920’s
the building was occupied by Brady’s Café and Confectionery, run by W. T. Brady and his sons,
Ennis and Tom. Phillip Ischy operated a meat market in the 1940s before The Williamson
County Sun leased the building in 1950 to expand its operations.

Fun Facts:
1. A Moving Picture was located on the second floor of the building in 1910, before it became a
grocery store in 1916.
2. The second building here was built by Whittle and Harrell at a cost of $1800.
3. This property was owned by S. T. Atkin and he ran his hardware store and tin shop in the
4. A grocery store opened here in 1900 and it likely continued to house a grocery until it was
bought by The Sun in 1934.

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