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59. C.A.D. Clamp Building (1889)

Constructed simultaneously, these intact storefronts feature detailed woodwork, recessed double-door entries, plain metal infill and a simple metal cornice. Note the imperfections in the original glass panes.

Additional Information:

In 1885, there was a 2-story wood and frame building on this site with a blacksmith shop that included a wagon shop in the rear. By 1888, the lot was owned by J. W. Hodges and the current building was under construction the next year. The newly completed building housed a variety of dry goods and hardware stores during its early days.

Fun Facts:

1. In 1900 there was a variety store in the building called The Racket Store.

2. The wavy glass in the windows is caused by the shifting sands that glass is made from. That is one way to tell that glass is old – the waves cannot be reproduced in modern glass.

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