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7. E.W. Talbott Building (1904)

With its wooden storefront, recessed double-door entry and decorative metal cornice, this early store typified commercial building traditions of its day. Early records indicate its use as a grocery store, followed by continuous retail and grocery occupation. Restoration was completed in 1983. This structure suffered extensive damage in 1998 as a result of a fire next door and was renovated as offices in 1999.

Additional Information:

The one-story wood frame building previously on this site housed a bank and a jewelry store before being torn down for the current building after 1900.

The present building opened in 1905 with grocery stores located there until an auto supply store which offered vulcanizing opened in 1916.

Davidson Grocery was a staple of the town for many years on the square.

Fun Facts:

1. Melville Lockett acquired the use of this building for the grocery department of his store next door, the Georgetown Mercantile Company, in January of 1904.

2. Elias White Talbot was born in Vermont in 1820. He died in 1876 and is buried in the Old Georgetown Cemetery. His wife, Amanda, lived until 1902 - and owned a talking parrot that lived for more than 40 years!

2023 Photo

Photo taken in 1984

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